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The Creed

A “Creed” gives us a philosophy of life


Discipline- The key ingredient for success in life is the discipline of mind and body. Setting goals and making sure they are accomplished, builds discipline. Whatever goal I set for myself, I will first get a mental image of exactly what it is I want to achieve. I then will be determined and persistent enough to overcome all obstacles that get in my way toward accomplishing that goal. Finally, I will train and study accordingly until that goal is obtained.


Integrity- I will be sincere and honest in my relationships with others and maintain high moral principles in my daily living.


Loyalty- I will be faithful, supportive, maintain allegiance, and be true to myself, my family, my country and the North American Tang Soo Do Organization.


Respect- I will show my respect for myself and others by following the 12 principles of the Code of Ethics; for respect must be given in order to be received.