Academy Of Martial Arts 

BC, TX        


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 Code of Conduct

1. Service- Give unselfish service by helping and encouraging other students, participating in service projects and showing pride in the school by maintaining a clean orderly place to train.

2. Respect- Students will not only show etiquette for the seniority system and honor senior members but show respect for self, other students and all human beings.

3. Honesty- Our personal, business, and family lives will be conducted honestly. No lying, cheating or stealing.

4. Self Improvement- Develop a habit for life - learning by doing an honest self evaluation and by studying books and tapes on success and self improvement and practicing these principles in daily life.

5. Health- Protect ourselves and our skills by avoiding harmful health practices such as smoking, drugs, excessive use of alcohol, etc.

6. Loyalty- Support your family, the Tang Soo Do system, you instructor, school, and fellow students by word and action.

7. Character- Reflect honor and respect on the Martial Arts and our organization by living a clean and upstanding life.

8. Control- Beginners will mask emotions. Advanced students will control and discipline emotions and actions... Act...not react